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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Are physical restraints for criminals unconstitutional?

The case of the criminal defendent in Georgia who overpowered a deputy and used the deputy's gun to kill several people including a judge should lead us to take another look at rules precluding restraints on defendents. Michelle Malkin has links to several past arguments on the subject. Morons (like the ACLU) have argued that seeing the defendent in shackles could cause the jury to pre-judge the case. Political correctness and excessive concern for criminal rights have hampered law enforement for decades and now have resulted in several deaths.


Blogger John A said...

Hmm, prophetic. I noticed this weekend that an Australian judge ruled the prosecution could not use some evidence (DNA samples, confession to a third party [his wife]) because it was too likely to lead the jury to believe the defendant guilty. Without the suppressed evidence, the proecution folded and a guy who basically admitted to killing his mistress and another person - walked out free.

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