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Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday links

Here are a few assorted links for your enjoyment:

The Washington Times has an article titled The nutty things professors say. They don't hypothesize why those sheltered in academia say so many goofy things. My guess is some professors have a distorted world view because they have never had to leave school and deal with the real world.

Thomas Sowell expounds on the theme Why Liberal Ideas Are Counterproductive for the Poor.
The real chumps are those who refuse to start at the bottom for "chump change." Liberals who encourage such attitudes may think of themselves as friends of the poor but they do more harm than enemies.

The Enquirer's latest run down on tomorrow's primary for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District is aptly titled Eleven choices - and no one's perfect
Down-and-dirty campaign could be voter turnoff
. Meanwhile Tom at bizzyblog keeps beating Bob McEwen like a drum. Personally, I'm predicting a very low voter turnout and I wouldn't at all be surprised to see the winner be one of the candidates without the big money backing (Bemmes maybe) but with strong grass roots support.

Nothing like sweeping the Giants and getting a free gift in the process.
In Sizemore's locker hung an autographed Willie Mays jersey. The autograph was on the four of the No. 24, a number Indians fans have watched Mays wear for five decades as he turned his back and ran forever at the Polo Grounds to catch Vic Wertz's 460-foot drive to center field in Game 1 of the World Series. This year, the Giants are collecting autographed jerseys from every opposing player who wears No. 24. In exchange, those players get an autographed Mays jersey. Sizemore, given No. 24 when he hurriedly was recalled from the minors late in spring training after Juan Gonzalez's hamstring injury, gladly made the exchange. "I'm honored," he said.
The 7 and 5 record on the road trip brings the Indians record to 1 game over .500 winning percentage and within 5 games of the Wild Card leading Twins. Can the Indians recent resurgence be traced to Manager Eric Wedge shaving off his porn-mustache?

Aaron Gleeman at The Hardball Times examines some of the oddities in baseball over the weekend.

Peter Gammons writes about the Cubs' bullpen and the MLB draft from last week.

Throw a tantrum like a three year old child and lose your invite to the White House.


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