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Monday, August 01, 2005

Bolton to UN despite Senate inactivity

President Bush made a recess appointment of John Bolton to be our ambassador to the United Nations. This move was necessitated by the Senate's refusal to perform their Constitutional duties of advise and consent. The protracted filibuster to avoid voting on Bolton's nomination amounts to a failure to do their job.

In related news . . .

Senator Norm Coleman continues crusade to reform U.N.
But if one aspect of Coleman's crusade remains unique, it's his continued insistence that, for true reform to happen at the U.N., Annan must resign. More than half a year after first calling for the world leader's head, Coleman remains adamant on the matter, and compares Annan to the CEO of a company that has been convicted of financial wrongdoing.

Critics say such a comparison is not fitting and shows a lack of understanding of the U.N. as an institution. But Coleman defends his call for Annan's resignation.

``I think it's impossible after (the scandal) for this administration -- not just Kofi, but Kofi's administration -- to be able to implement reform,'' he said. ``Nobody would think Ken Lay would be able to reform Enron. He had to go.''
When you're part of the problem it is unlikely that you'll whole-heartedly embrace reform. Kofi has to go!


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