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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Draft pick mania

The Browns traded former second round draft pick Andre Davis to the Patriots yesterday for an undisclosed draft pick (rumored to be a 5th round pick). In my eyes that was just the latest in a long line of drafts picks not turning out.

The Browns returned from hiatus in 1999. Since then there have been 7 NFL drafts held to distribute amateur players. So how have the Browns done with their first and second round picks? Not too good. Not one Pro Bowl selection among the bunch.

1999 1-1. Couch, T (QB) - Released (McNabb went 4 picks later)
1999 2a. Johnson, K (WR) Released
1999 2b. Abdullah, R (LB) Released
2000 1-1. Brown, C (DE) - Released
2000 2. Northcutt, D (WR)
2001 1-3. Warren, G. (DL) Traded for 4th round pick (Tomlinson went 3 picks later)
2001 2. Morgan, Q (WR) Traded for Bryant (WR)
2002 1-16. Green, W. (RB) Has had more games either injured or on the suspended list than effective
2002 2. Davis, A (WR) - Traded for a 5th round draft pick
2003 1. Faine, J (C) - Has missed nearly a full season with injuries
2003 2. Thompson, C (LB) - A project drafted too early who has been used mainly on special teams.
2004 1. Winslow, K (TE) - Broke leg in second game. Missed remainder of 1st season. Injured performing motorcycle stunts between 1st and 2nd season. Will miss entire sophomore season.
2004 2. Jones, S (S) - Suffered knee injury in pre-season. Missed entire season.
2005 1. Edwards, B (WR)
2005 2. Pool, Brodney (CB) - Suffered concussion on opening kickoff of first pre-season game.

The Browns may not draft very well, but they sure can maintain a web site. Davis was traded yesterday and he is already off the depth chart on the team website.


Anonymous bob said...

It really shows how lucky you have to be to draft well. some real reaches on that list but a lot of the picks were picked where the experts had them. Even with McNabb he wasn't the best QB in that draft Culpepper was and noone had him going that high.

6:45 AM

Blogger DonSurber said...

They ain't the Browns. Paul Brown drafted HOF-ers. First pick was Frank Gatski. He added Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Dante Lavelli, Don Shula, Marion Motley and tons of other players including my all-time favorite Lou The Toe Groza.
You see any of these bimbos even knowoing where Canton is? HOF? LOL

3:59 PM


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