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Monday, August 29, 2005

Sports shorts

Kyle Orton was the 7th quarterback drafted this past April. Looks like he is the first QB from the 2005 draft to secure a starting job in the NFL.

So Maurice Clarett is getting cut by the Denver Broncos. He has fallen from being a potential first round draft pick if he finished his career in college to now hoping a Canadian Football League team will give him a chance to learn what he should have learned in college. Every college football coach should be using Clarett as a cautionary tale to young players who don't respect the college rules because they think they are ready for the pro's.

The Indians continue to roll. They still trail the Yankees and Angels in the Wild Card chase but the Yankees and Angels don't get to play Kansas City anymore and we do.

Eagles withdraw franchise tag on DT Simon. He could have signed the offer for over 5 million dollars instead he held out for more. The Eagles calledhis bluff and released him. It will be interesting to see if another team pays him what he thinks he is worth. Skipping the sure millions for free agency sure worked out for Ross Verba didn't it? Oops, that's right no one else signed him.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, Both New York and Chicago should be hurt by their heavier schedules also, look at number of games played. Chi. has 4 extra to go,N.Y. has 2 extra games.

12:10 PM

Blogger Tim Chapman said...

what do you think of Charlie Frye?

I like him, and I think his preseason has been pretty solid. Could be the future starter?

12:10 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

I like what I've seen of Frye. Also, the fact that he is NOT a first round pick makes it a lot easier to let him develop slowly rather than feeling a need to rush him onto the field. Too often high expectations force teams to play first round picks before they are ready. If Frye is in any regular season game this year it is a bad sign for his future.

12:50 PM

Anonymous Rod Stanton said...

Kyle beat out Chad. No big deal. Chad is/was just another of the bad quarterbacks the Bears have tried the last 15 years. He was only mediocre in college. Stanford was a middle of the Pac school when he was there. The question to me is why do the Bears keep signing bad quarterbacks?

3:37 AM

Blogger McLintock said...

Having a marginal following of the Bears, Orton is the best of a poor, poor bunch.

However, Frye to Denver for another 4th rounder, replacing Plummer in 2006 - now that's a deal!

McL, Bronco fan.

8:55 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

No deal

5:51 AM


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