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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Anyone need more proof that lawyers are ruining our society?

The 5-2 decision upheld an appellate court ruling that Louis Maisonave of Newark can sue the Newark Bears and its concessionaire, Gourmet Dining, for injuries he suffered while attending a game at Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium in August 1999.

Maisonave was struck in the eye by a foul ball while waiting to purchase a beer at a vending cart.

Frank Boulton, CEO of the Atlantic League, which includes the Bears and three other New Jersey teams, told the Star-Ledger that the ruling could force teams to put up more netting, and that will mean fewer chances to catch a foul ball.
Can you believe this jerk goes to a ballpark and gets upset when a foul ball hit him? I've been going to parks for decades have haven't had a foul ball come anywhere near me. He and his scumbag lawyer should forfeit their citizenship and be deported to a country where they call soccer football.


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