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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who is really the target?

For the last couple years liberals have been waiting with baited breath for the results of Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the supposed outing of CIA Analyst Valerie Plame. Well, if you read between the lines (and lies) of this article by Richard Cohen you get the feeling that this investigation the left demanded may actually hurt the left more than the right. Why do I say that? Because, all of a sudden, Cohen is calling for Fitzgerald to close up shop with no indictments.
This is why I want Fitzgerald to leave now. Do not bring trivial charges -- nothing about conspiracies, please -- and nothing about official secrets, most of which are known to hairdressers, mistresses and dog walkers all over town. Please, Mr. Fitzgerald, there's so much crime in Washington already. Don't commit another
Heck, Cohen is almost begging Fitzgerald to do nothing. Believe me you, if Cohen thought Karl Rove was still the prime target he wouldn't be making this request. My own guess is serial liar Joe Wilson may have got himself caught in his own trap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Er, no. Cohen is pissed because an outsider (Fitzgerald) is challenging the self-proclaimed immunity and impunity of Beltway insiders regardless of their political leanings.

But thanks for playing.

9:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking dude, Cohen just doesn't like the fact that Judy Miller spent time in the slammer, and that Fitzgerald's team won't leak to him.

10:15 AM


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