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Monday, March 13, 2006

Thoughts from Sunday

Went downtown Sunday for a couple reasons. Kids wanted to see the St. Patricks Day parade and the wife wanted to go to the Home and Garden Show.

The parade seemed lame. Don't know whether the morning rains had depressed the turnout or what but it just didn't seem like much of a crowd. I've watched the parade in a few other cities (Cleveland, Boston, Savannah) and Cincinnati's was easily the smallest and least impressive. A few Irish dancing schools, a little music, floats from a few bars, police and firefighting vehicles and a bunch of politicians. Oddly, they put the vehicles for Schmidt and McEwen back to back. Congresswoman Schmidt walked along side her vehicle shaking hands, but McEwen was a no show. Schmidt seemed nicer in person than her public persona.

The Home and Garden Show? A ripoff! Basically, they get fools (like me) to pay admission to the Convention Center to look at a bunch of advertising. They had one attraction for the guys who were dragged there by their wives - beer. Unfortunately, they were selling the beer at ballgame prices without the ballgame.


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