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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some more articles on the passing of Gerald Ford Jr.

Here are a few more articles on the passing of our 38th president:

From the East Valley Tribune comes an interview with Arizona Diamondbacks broadcaster Joe Garagiola Sr. who remembers a good friend he met on the golf course over thirty years ago.

In an article titled "Similar Personnel, Different Approaches" the Washington Post predictably uses Ford's passing as an opportunity to criticize the current administration for not being more like Ford's. Any bets on whether the WAPO was so complimentary of the Ford administration in the year leading up to the 1976 election?

Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Gate examines the pardon of Richard Nixon and concludes that, while most people (herself included) thought it was bad at the time, history has shown that it was the right thing to do.

The NY Post's John Podhoretz departs from the trend of hagiography with a more realistic assessment of Ford's term of office.
Ford was a fine man and a distinguished public servant, and he deserves to be remembered warmly. But the idea that his presidency saved America is ahistorical sentimentality.

Through no fault of Ford's, the man from Michigan presided over two of the worst years in American history. It would not be fair to call his presidency a failure, since he found himself in an impossible situation and managed as best he could. But there's no sense pretending that the 30 months between August 1974 and January 1977 were anything but dire.
I think part of the reason people are acting sentimentally about Ford's time in office is due to respect for how gracefully the man served and how he knew to stay out of the business of his successors. But more than that, the fact that Carter was such an abysmal failure who made many people regret not voting for Ford in 1976 is contributing to overly positive remembrances.

How Lieutenant Ford Saved His Ship. Besides Reagan, every president from John F. Kennedy to George H.W. Bush served in the Navy. This article recalls a moment of heroism of a young LTjg during the WWII. I had read previously about Admiral "Bull" Halsey foolishly ignoring weather reports and driving his battle group through Typhoon Cobra. However, until today I had never heard of Jerry Ford's efforts to save his ship during that tragedy.

Lastly, SondraK found a copy of the cover of Cosmopolitan with Lieutenant Ford.


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