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Friday, May 25, 2007

Slimy Lawyer News

Regular readers know I'm strongly opposed to frivolous lawsuits and the trend over the last couple decades to treat every personal tragedy as a potential lottery ticket. There have been such a rash of these stories this week that I decided to make this a semi-regular feature titled "Slimy Lawyer News."

We'll start with one that hits close to home.
On Staten Island, New York, "Jean Gonzalez is suing a beloved veteran coach for not teaching her son Martin how to slide properly". The boy, 12 at the time, was hurt sliding into second base. Coach Leigh Bernstein, along with "the New Springville Little League, and its international umbrella organization, Little League Baseball and Softball Inc., are all named as defendants in the suit, which charges them with never teaching him 'skills needed to avoid and/or minimize the risks of injury,' specifically how to run bases and slide."
I coach a team of ten year olds and between rained out practices and other priorities, we did not spend a lot of time on sliding. At 12 years old, her kid should have known how to run the bases, but regardless his mom should be beaten with a baseball bat for confusing her son with a lottery ticket. (H/T: BaseballCrank)

Sticking with the baseball theme, the father of the late Josh Hancock has decided to sue a bunch of people. Josh Hancock was the Cardinals pitcher who died in a car accident because he was drunk, talking on a cell phone and not wearing his seatbelt. Who does his idiot father think is responsible? Nope, not the kid he raised. He is suing the owner and manager of the restaurant where his son did some of his drinking. Not content to shift the blame to the restaurant, he is also suing the tow truck driver whose truck his son hit and the owner of the car being towed. So, not only are these folks assaulted by a drunk driver, but now they need to pay some stinking lawyer to protect themselves from his greedy father who was obviously egged on by another lawyer to file the suit.

Here is a case of a lawyer arguing that her client leaving poop on someones doorstep is free speech protected under the Constitution. Tells you all you need to know about the state of the Democrat party that leaving crap on a doorstep is what constitutes their political view point now a days. I guess a jury agrees since they acquitted the defendant.


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