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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Democrats insult The Great State of Ohio

Despite a lack of any credible evidence, Democrats delayed certification of President Bush's election victory in order to insult Ohio. Since the election the Democrats have lied repeatedly about "massive vote fraud" in Ohio. They have accused the Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell of various crimes. They demanded and got a recount which changed nothing but cost Ohio taxpayers over a million dollars. They also impugned the motives of Chief Justice Moyers of the Ohio Supreme Court. All they will accomplish by this silly grandstanding and smearing of Ohio is push the state firmly into the Republican column. Florida barely went for Bush in 2000. However, after 4 years of being slammed repeatedly by Democrats Florida voted for the presidents reelection 52% to 47% for his challenger. Democrats may go another 20 years before they win Ohio at this rate.


Blogger Duke of Earl said...

You can thank Tubbs Jones of Cleveland for the insult..wrong place wrong time..from a lazy Representative who just wants some PR....Before the election all Cuyahoga County voters received a voters guide with all nominees answering questions about their stand on different issues..only Tubbs Jones failed to respond. This could mean many things.. but I see it as being LAZY. Yesterday when she made a spectacle of her self before the nation it was another lazy act. Rather than make her point as all elected Representatives do..through legislation..she chooses to turn our to the stage...

6:30 PM


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