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Monday, January 31, 2005

A great baseball game to remember

Newsradio WTAM 1100 gave me a real treat yesterday as I drove home from a weekend visit in Cleveland. WTAM re-broadcast the largest shutout victory in Cleveland Indians history. I'm, of course, referring to the 22 to nothing shellacking of the Yankees from last August 31st. When I left my brother's house the first inning was ending at 3 to zilch and one of the announcers was saying the runner left on third could come back to haunt us in the later innings. Obviously, he was wrong. As the game went on it seemed the Indians could do no wrong and no matter who the Yankees threw out to the mound the hits and runs kept coming. Omar Vizquel singled, singled, doubled, singled, doubled, and singled to tie an American League record with six hits in a single game. His bid for AL immortality ended with a fly-out to right in the 9th inning. Vizquel had more hits than the entire Yankee lineup who were stymied all game by Jake Westbrook and then Jeremy Guthrie. Here is the box score of this historic game. Prior to this game the Yankees had never given up more than 19 runs at home. Also, their worst previous shutout loss was by 15 runs. Making things worse for the Yankees, former Indian Manny Ramirez hit two homers to lead the Red Sox over Anaheim that same night. I realize this story hardly qualifies as news. However, it is a heartwarming story for all baseball fans on a day when it is 20 degrees outside. Normally, I start losing reception well before reaching Columbus. Yesterday WTAM came in clear until after Victor Martinez hit a three-run homer to end the scoring some thirty miles south of Columbus. I have to believe this game was a big factor in the Yankees deciding to get rid of Javier Vazquez this off-season.


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