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Monday, February 07, 2005

Above the law???

If you're not from Ohio, you may not have heard about the adventures of State Supreme Court Justice Alice Resnick. To summarize, on 31 January a few people called 911 to report a car weaving on I-75. Police eventually pull her over and she refused to take a breathalizer. First news I saw on this didn't even mention her party affiliation. That, of course, told me that she was a Democrat. This link has some video of her driving and being interviewed. While trying to talk her way out of the ticket she says "I've always said Supreme Court justices should have highway patrolman driving them." WHAT?! The local news played a longer version of the video where she makes other comments showing that she believes she's above the law.

A couple other points about this case are worth noting. First the time, it was 2 in the afternoon. Something is wrong if you are over twice the legal BAC at that time of the day. Next item that gets my attention is it was a state provided vehicle. Why is the State of Ohio providing this drunk a car to drive?


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