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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union address

President George W. Bush will deliver the State of the Union address tonight. Personally, while I do plan on watching I don't think there will be many surprises.

* He will continue the theme of expanding freedom and use the Afghan and Iraqi elections as examples.
* He will address the need to reform Social Security. He needs to accomplish two things in this regard. Mission number one is to clearly explain the simple math which demonstrates why action is needed. When the program was enacted life expectancy was 67 today it is 79 and climbing. Secondly, he needs to reassure seniors that they are not in danger despite the fear mongering being done. Plain, clear language is a must in order to overcome the demagoguery of the left.
* He must address the growing budget problem and the need for government to be more prudent managers of the funds collected through the tax system. The answer is not confiscating more money but rather spending less.

Most interesting part of these speeches in recent years has been watching the Senators and Representatives and the childish-petulant looks on their faces. These are supposed to be adults and they frequently have a look on their face like they're in 6th grade and the teacher just assigned a second helping of homework. Just grow up! I'm not saying they need to applaud for comments they disagree with but don't make snotty faces like a grade school kid.


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