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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Second Base is not a position of strength in the AL Central or anywhere else for that matter.

1. Minnesota - Michael Cuddyer/Luis Rivas I'll admit to a little bias here. We used to live one city over from where Cuddyer attended high school so I've followed his career. Also, I have him as an inexpensive keeper on my fantasy team. It is not certain that he will play 2B this year. He may be used at 3B or in a utility role. If he is given the full time job I expect (and need) him to hit for an acceptable batting average and provide good power for this position. If Cuddyer plays third, Rivas will be the 2B which is not an incredible drop-off in production.

2. Detroit - Omar Infante He surprised people with his power last year. In his first full year he hit 16 home runs which is more impressive when you consider where he plays his home games.

3. Cleveland - Ronnie BelliardAfter making the All Star game last year, Belliard's performance tailed off significantly in the second half. I believe the extra weight he carries around wears him down as the season drags through the heat of July and August. Also, the confidence of his pitchers can't be helped by seeing the second baseman standing in right field. If Belliard goes down Brandon Phillips is ready to man the position defensively, offensively maybe not.

4. Chicago - Willie Harris Harris is the incumbent. However, the White Sox signed Tadahito Iguchi from Japan. Iguchi was a four time All Star in Japan and is coming off a very good season where he hit .333 with 24 homers. Additionally, he has won two stolen base titles and three Golden Gloves awards. Who knows how he will adjust to playing in the U.S. Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui have done great and set the bar pretty high. Kaz Matsui, the only other middle infielder from Japan, has not lived up to expectations though that can be attributed to various nagging injuries. It may not be a fair comparison as Ichiro and the Matsui's came to the United States in their 20's whereas Iguchi is already 31 years old.

5. KC - Tony Graffanino Had shoulder and knee surgury last year. He's never been a great player and at 32 he's not likely to become one. Unfortunately for the Royals, Desi Relaford is the back-up and he's worse than Graffanino.


Blogger chris said...

Saying that second is not a position of strength is truly an understatement.

7:11 AM


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