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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Eason Jordan resigns!

CNN's chief news executive Eason Jordan resigned yesterday because of comments he made that alleged that our military specifically targeted and killed at least 12 journalists. I haven't written on this story for a couple reasons. Main reason is it was being covered to death by Captain's Quarters and other blogs and I had nothing (except cuss words) to add to the conversation. Some in the blogosphere are proclaiming this shows the strength of blogs and that lame stream media will start being more careful. I'm not sure. Yes, blogs got this story rolling but CNN was effectively ignoring the situation until Michelle Malkin got involved. She was able to get calls returned by Rep. Barney Franks, Sen Chris Dodd, and others in attendance when Jordan made his slandarous statements. A normal blogger would never have gotten through to a congressman or a senator. Prior to Malkin getting high level confirmation, mainstream media refused to acknowledge that this story existed.

Funniest thing about this was Jordan's assertion in his resignation speech that he was resigning "to prevent CNN from being further tarnished by the controversy." He is concerned about hurting the reputation of the network that covered up Saddam's atrocities so they could maintain a bureau in Bagdad? Is that ironic or just pathetic?

New motto for the blogosphere: WE REPORT - YOU RESIGN!


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