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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Brown's fan supports a Steeler, read all about it!

Why would an Ohioan who is a life long Brown's fan care about a former player for the hated Steelers planning on running for governer of Pennsylvania? Good question. I was initially ambivalent about the rumors that Lynn Swann may run for office. In recent days I've decided to support his candidacy (I'm sure his campaign manager has been on pins and needles waiting on this announcement). I'll openly admit that race played into my decision. Over the past few decades Democrats have successfully demagogued race issues to the point where Republicans have been getting single digit support from African-Americans in the voting booth. The current administration has an admirable record of appointing women and people of color to high level positions based on merit. However, as impressive as a cabinet level appointment is it is not comparable to major elective office. I think it is important to our country that people regardless of any demographic attribute be comfortable within either of the two major political parties. While certain groups (Jewish people & African-Americans for example) have voted monolithically, they are far from marching lockstep on the issues. Republicans have long believe that if we stick to the issues and explain our positions eventually people who agree with us on the issues would cross over and vote Republican. We were wrong. I think people need to see successful people they can identify with before they consider joining a group. That's why, besides the fact that I agree with Mr. Swann on many issues, that I'm supporting his election.

Carpe Bonum has links to answer any question you may have about Mr. Swann.

(h/t to Betsy's Page for pointing out Carpe Bonum)


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Happy blogging!

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(*) Carpe Bonum is a very new blog and I am a very new blogger. Thus my policy is that any blogger who demonstrates through manual action having actually noticed the blog gets put on my RSS feedlist and my blogroll. (Such actions could be linking, blogrolling, replying to an email from me, etc.) I dream of the day this becomes impossible to manage through sheer volume.

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