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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Finally some bi-partisanship in Congress

Unlike myself, many people bemoan the inability of our congressmen to work together. Well, there are signs of bi-partisanship being seen in Washington. Unfortunately, the one thing our senators and representatives agree about across party lines is that every federally funded program is worthy of continuation and increased funding. Here is an article from MSNBC.COM quoting several Republican lawmakers whining about proposed cuts to programs as outlined in the budget submission from the president. Unfortunately, my own senator, Sen Mike DeWine of Ohio is one of them. Senator Robert "My name is on every building in WV" Byrd must hold a class with all of them emphasizing the importance of getting every possible cent from the federal goverment sent back to your home state. This is ridiculous, the proposed budget is over TWO and a HALF TRILLION DOLLARS and these people are complaining about reductions in (or in some cases lack of increases to) programs. A lot of waste is hidden in 2.5 trillion dollars. Please contact your representatives and let them know spending needs to be cut. We can not spend more than our tax revenue indefinitely! Increasing taxes isn't the answer as they would just spend more.

UPDATE: I called Senator DeWine's office and expressed my concern. His staff said they do keep track of calls and the senator is apprised of constituent concerns on issues. Here is a link to contact info if you want to pile on.


Blogger McClintock said...

Bi-partisanship is a fallacy in modern-day America. To a lefty, "bi-partisanship" is the same as saying "that idiot Republican agreed with me".

To a righty, "bi-partisanship" means giving in to the Democrats.

There's a better way. Vote Libertarian.

9:41 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...


Concur with your assessment of bi-partisanship. I was using the term to make a point that the only thing they agree about is wasting money.

5:05 AM


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