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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

When statues fall you can be sure that governments will follow

This article details how in Lebanon a statue of late Syrian President Hafez Assad in the southern village of Qana was attacked on Thursday for the second time in two weeks, as anti-Syrian sentiment gains force.

We all remember the news accounts of Iraqi people toppling Saddam statues in May 2003. A little more than a decade earlier, falling statues of Lenin presaged the fall of the Soviet Union. Go back to the origins of our country and you'll find stories of people so aroused by public readings of the Declaration of Independence that a larger than life King George III came tumbling down and was melted and molded into over 42,000 bullets.

The Syrians are as oblivious to what is coming as King George III was in the 18th century. However, Bashar al-Assad (son of the former president whose statue fell) can't blame his ignorance on slow information flow over an Ocean expanse. He can look next door and see this sea of people demanding freedom.

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