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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Where does democracy spread next?

In the past year, as elections were approaching (ours and Iraq's) those rooting for failure babbled words like "quagmire" and statements like "Iraq is Bush's Vietnam." Now with those elections behind us, things are looking different. Citizens of several other Middle-East countries are demanding their own free elections. Women are beginning to vote in some of the most misogynistic societies. Now comes the punch line, while our attention is on the nexus of the continents of Africa, Europe and Asia, some people in Vietnam are wanting to be the next Iraq. Based on this article from the Wall Street Journal, I have a feeling that change is coming to Vietnam. It may be another generation before countries like Iran, Vietnam, North Korea, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc experience a dramatic change, but I don't think the people of those countries are prepared to wait that long.


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