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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Those crying vote fraud are usually the ones committing the fraud

Adults would say, there is something Freudian about the Democrats projecting their own behavior onto their opponents. A child would say, he who smelt it - dealt it. Since the contested election of 2000 (and again after last November) Democrats have made all sorts of unfounded charges of vote fraud throughout the country. However, all the actual instances of fraud uncovered turns out to have been committed by Democrats. Here is the latest:
EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. -- A federal jury Wednesday convicted the head of this city's Democratic Party and four others of scheming to buy votes with cash, cigarettes and liquor last November to try to get key Democrats elected.

This story joins the attempts at vote suppression and double voting in Milwaukee, the mess in Washington State, the double voters in Florida (people voting in Florida and by absentee ballot to their homestate).


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, how come everytime someone comes up with a plan to eliminate voter fraud it,s the dems who are the first to complain. Like in Georgia where they proposed a swipe card type registration. simply swipe your card and vote. No can't have that it would be racist

7:56 AM


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