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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kiss of Death

If President Bush was upset about some conservatives decrying his potentially picking Alberto Gonzales for the SCOTUS opening, he must be incensed by this report.
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday pronounced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.
I have thought that conservatives went a little overboard criticizing Gonzales and may be overinterpreting some of his ruling when he was a judge in Texas. After seeing some previous SCOTUS appointees by Republican presidents go hard left after reaching the bench some are looking for any signs a potential justice might believe in judicial activism.

I missed this little bit of irony. Harry Reid voted against Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General. Now that's funny, he didn't think he was qualified for AG but now says he is qualified for the SCOTUS. Either that or he is admitting his no vote for AG was purely political.

Buckland of RedState actually takes the time to examine some of the complaints about the Attorney General. He reaches the same conclusion I did that the things people "KNOW" about Alberto Gonzales may not be facts but rather conclusions drawn from previous judicial rulings which followed precedent or legislative prerogative.


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