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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sounds like someone needs to go back to law school

Here is a quote from federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald:
"Journalists are not entitled to promise confidentiality -- no one in America is," Fitzgerald, a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor, wrote in one of the court filings.
I'd have agreed with him if he had shut up after saying "Journalists are not entitled to promise confidentiality." However, he continued to say, "no one in America is." No some two bit reporter has no way to guarantee confidentiality. But I'm surprised this lawyer has never heard of lawyer-client confidentiality or the inviolability of the confessional.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill - I think you are getting carried away. It seems clear that he meant no one that the American Constitution does not expressly grant this right/privileg.
Rod Stanton

12:03 PM


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