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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A little good news

Roger Browns column is like a an ugly car crash. You know you shouldn't but you scrunch your face up and look at it just to see how bad it is. Surprisingly, his column today has two positive notes.
Folks are still buzzing over a recruiting visit new Notre Dame football head coach Charlie Weis made recently with a top area high-school lineman, who clearly expected to be wooed, flattered and praised by Weis. Instead, Weis slapped a copy of the recruit's grade transcripts down on the table, chastised him for being an obviously lazy student and told him that unless things changed, Notre Dame wouldn't waste another minute recruiting him. Word is the shocked lineman is now vowing to take his classes much more seriously this school year.
Too often people are afraid to say the truth to top atheletes. I think the fact that Weis attended Notre Dame as just a regular student gives him a different perspective.
WTAM, part 2:

The station has signed evening sports talker Kevin Keane to a new three-year contract.
Congratulations to my cousin Kevin on the contract extension and good luck with the show!


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