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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Are the White Sox unraveling? Or just Mark Buehrle?

At the end of July the White Sox had the best record in either league and a 14 game lead over the Indians. After last nights loss, the White Sox have a losing record (11-14) in August and their lead is down to 7 games. Not exactly the sort of momentum which portends success in the playoffs.

The ace of their pitching staff is unraveling even quicker. After last nights game, Mark Buehrle accused the Texas Rangers of cheating by stealing signs from the catcher to the pitcher and then relaying them to their batters by flashing lights. What's his evidence, you may ask. Well, he has plenty. First off, they pounded him for seven runs last night (never mind the 4 errors his defense made behind him). He also pointed to the Rangers hitting great at home but only so-so on the road. Do the numbers support his contention? Yes, the Rangers batting average at home is a very good .285 while it goes down to .256 on the road. However, further research shows that 18 teams have a better batting average at home than on the road. Three teams have a greater disparity between home and road batting average than Texas. Does Buehrle believe they are all cheating?

This isn't the first time Buehrle has tossed out reckless accusations of cheating. He previous alleged that Greg Maddux throws a spitball.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, With 6 games left between the tribe and wsox it could be really interesting down the stretch.

8:34 AM


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