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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Don't see this very often

General at Fort Monroe relieved of command for ''personal conduct''

Bet there's a whole lot more to this story.


Anonymous Rodney A Stanton said...

Seen it twice ( that I recall) in the last 15 years. Both cases involved Jr. officers wives ( in one cass very many at many duty stations). Your wife gives me good sex and I give you good fitnes report; or in some cases you give me good sex and we do not tell your husband why his report is soo good. The names excape me right now. Most recent was near turn of the century. The Gen at the time was stationed in GA or ARk and it involved the wives of a Col, some Lt. Cols and a few Majors.
As yu are aware Officers have a lot of power. Most use it wisely and with descretion. Unfortunately not all. One of the reasons we got a UCMJ 56 uears ago.

2:19 PM

Anonymous bob said...

Bill, Check the P.D. for an article on four star generals relieved of command last case goes back to 95.

12:08 PM


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