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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday sports stuff

Hal McCoy's weekly Baseball Insider from the Dayton Daily News includes discussion of the Cy Young award race between Roger Clemens and Chris Carpenter. He also get several quotes regarding Palmiero being the first big name player caught by MLB's drug testing. Here are a couple:
• Said Kansas City first baseman/DH Mike Sweeney, "Whether or not you've done anything in the past, you would think that this year you'd take extra precautions to make sure you didn't do anything. You wouldn't even want to pull into a GNC parking lot."

• Said Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker, "Every man rakes his own leaves."
Someone else needs to explain Baker's comment, I can't do it.

Sheffield says writer `made up' inflammatory comments in article. Yeah, right. Maybe if Sheffield hadn't been a jerk off and on throughout his career it might be easier to believe him.

Football is coming! Here is an article that covers various items from NFL camps including Cleveland's plan to conduct some training camp in Columbus in future years to expand their fan base. Having been raised in the Cleveland area and now living in Cincinnati, I've found it interesting how the state is divided between Reds and Indians fans and Browns and Bengals fans. It always seemed Reds country went further north and Browns fandom stretched further south.

Here are the current Wild Card standings
. Currently there are 6 teams realistically still in contention. By the beginning of September I think only three teams will still be fighting for the Wild Card.

Lastly, today belongs to Dan Marino, Steve Young, Benny Friedman, and Fritz Pollard as they are inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Congratulations all.


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