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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Helen Thomas is upset

A week ago I posted about Helen Thomas promising to kill herself in Dick Cheney decides to run for office. Since then, Thomas has complained that it was a private conversation and not intended to be reported. I wonder in her decades as an extreme partisan hack disguised as a reporter if she ever was worried whether a politician intended something they said to be reported. Anyway, the reporter who first published her comments has an article today telling how it transpired. In attempting to explain it he included this nugget:
Little did I know, being a creature of the typewriter/telegraph era of journalism, that cybergossip Matt Drudge would pounce on the item and transmit it to the farthest regions of the Internet universe, along with an unflattering photograph of Ms. Thomas.
"an unflattering photograph of Ms. Thomas" if that doesn't leave me giggling most of the day nothing will. A photograph of Thomas is by its very nature unflattering. As they say, you can't look at her without imagining her saying "Who's that clip, clopping over my bridge?!?!" My apologies to the Brothers Grimm for maligning their troll by comparison.

I considered including a picture but figured most readers would never click on this site again if I did that.


Blogger chris said...

Hey - that clip clopping line is mine!

8:25 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Sorry, forgot where I had heard the line. Just knew that I liked it. At least I credit you whenever I use the photo of Mrs. Lima.

9:44 AM

Blogger chris said...

It's all good in the hood...

10:04 AM


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