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Monday, September 26, 2005

Don Adams - AKA Get Smart's Agent 86 Died

Don Adams the actor who is best known for portraying Agent 86 in the TV show Get Smart passed away yesterday. I didn't know he was a Marine during WWII.
"When you're only 16 and waiting to die --- you're scared," TV star Don Adams told The ENQUIRER. It was 1943. Adams, who had enlisted in the Marines, had caught blackwater fever on Guadalcanal in the South Pacific. "After being flown to a hospital in Wellington, New Zealand, I was told nothing much could be done for me," he recalled. "I was just left to die. "That's when I started praying. I prayed night and day that my life might be spared. "Five days later I woke to find the fever and all its symptoms completely disappeared.
Don, Rest in Peace and thanks for your service.

(H/T The Corner at NRO)


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