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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Great outing by Indians number five starter

Not sure what happened but the long post I wrote last night on this subject is gone. Here is a quick version of the previous post. Scott Elarton pitched 7 scoreless innings to lead the Tribe over the White Sox last night (I suppose Travis Hafner's 2 homers helped). He is the Indians number five starter and got off to an awful start this season. In his first five starts he managed an ERA of 7.20. Most Indians fans thought he should have been released at that point. The club obviously saw something no one else did and stuck with Elarton despite his early troubles. Their patience has paid off as the season played out. After that miserable start here is his month by month ERA and won/loss record:
May 4.30 2/1
June 3.77 2/1
July 3.58 2/2
August 7.31 1/2
September 0.89 4/0

No one thing can explain the fluctuations he has gone through this year. However, my guess is he is still re-learning to pitch after his elbow surgury of a couple years ago. He missed all of the 2003 season and came back to have difficulty (like lots of pitchers) at Coors Field. Shapiro has a tough decision to make in the off season regarding Elarton as he can be a free agent.


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