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Friday, September 09, 2005

Tribe in Wild Card lead!

With their win and the Yankees loss last night the Indians took over the Wild Card lead. I figured I better post this before Johan Santana takes the mound for the Twins against Cleveland tonight.Current Wild Card standings:

NEW YORK 78-61

Cleveland: 22 games remaining, 15 home (34-32), 7 road (45-29)
New York: 23 games remaining, 10 home (45-26), 13 road (33-35)
Oakland: 23 games remaining, 10 home (41-30), 13 road (36-32)
(Above courtesy of CIR)

Obviously, being in the lead the main thing for the Indians is to ignore the out of town scores on the scoreboard and just tend to their own business. The rest of us can watch the scoreboard and root for Boston (over NYY) and Texas (over Oakland) this weekend.


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