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Thursday, January 12, 2006

All Alito all the time

Okay, the title "All Alito all the time" is a bit over the top, but it does seem like I'm posting nothing else. That's partly because it is the main event currently taking place but it's also due to the fact that football season is over and baseball is a couple months away. Anyways, here are a bunch of articles about the hearings after day three.

I'll start with the best, Ann Coulter's Fork replaces donkey as Democratic party symbol

In Fear of Borking Lets Alito Coast on Bromides, Margaret Carlson opines that the ineffective Democratic questioning of Judge Alito can be attributed to the treatment of Bork (and subsequent nominees)

Bob Novak has Shooting Blanks at Judge Alito

Tim Chapman (another good Browns fan) writes Dems Sinking to New Low which includes a telling quote:
Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ), perhaps the most avid observer of Senate Judiciary matters in the House of Representatives concurs, “It has become a debate between those who have some respect for the truth and those who are not constrained by it at all.”

Alito Disavows Controversial Group by Dale Russakoff of the Washington Post examines the only issue the Dems have - Alito's Membership in a group called Concerned Alumni of Princeton.

In Senate Smackdown, Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post covers yesterday's theatrics.

Lastly, the Associated Press has an article titled Sen. Biden Suggests Scrapping Hearings
. Biden's stated reason to scrap the hearings is nominee's aren't going to answer their questions anyway. My own guess is that televising the hearings are not having the desired effect. Instead of being able to impress future voters with all the tv face time they are ending up looking foolish by trying to please the special interest groups. The only senator who has raised his stature this week has been Arlen Specter for his even handed conduct of the hearings and more importantly for strongly dealing with Sen. Ted Kennedy.


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