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Saturday, January 07, 2006

A little sanity drops in at a Move-on event

If you don't read Michelle Malkin's site daily you are missing some of the best political commentary on the web. Today she has video of a couple surprise visitors to a townhall type assembly in Virginia. Rep. Murtha (M-PA) and Rep Moran (AS-VA) were the main participants and they were expecting a friendly audience with softball questions since it was a Move-on sponsored event. The first one to catch the congressmen off guard was a Sergeant Seavey who recently returned from Afghanistan who strongly disputed the congressman's assessment of military morale. The second was retired general and Vietnam veteran who gave the congressmen whatfor and compared their actions to the efforts 30 some years ago to undermine our military during the Vietnamese war.

The congressmen showed up expecting a pro-defeat crowd and were clearly disappointed to hear from people who think we'll win despite their efforts. Maybe they need to hear from more people with actual experience and pay less attention to the nut jobs.


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