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Friday, January 06, 2006

More sneaky media bias

I've long maintained that the most prevalent media bias is in the omissions from stories. Specifically, party affiliation is often omitted in certain cases. If the story is negative and the politician is a Democrat then party affiliation is unimportant. However, if the crook in question happens to be a Republican then that appellation becomes a key element to the story. Here is just another example:

Here is a story from the Milwaukee Journal sentinel about alleged wrong doing by Gov. Jim Doyle.
Madison - A testy Gov. Jim Doyle on Wednesday refused to say whether he has been interviewed or approached by investigators probing a controversial travel contract given to a company whose officers gave his campaign the maximum donation of $10,000 each.
Oddly enough, reading the entire article I found no mention of his political affiliation. However, I'd (almost) be willing to bet you can't find an article regarding Abramoff in the last month that doesn't call him a Republican at least three times despite the fact that he was an equal opportunity influence peddler.


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