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Friday, January 13, 2006

Taking the "It's all Bush's fault" idea too far

The left has increasingly gone with a tactic of claiming any problem, whether man-made or natural disaster, is Bush's fault. Well, here is an article showing that on the west coast that idea has really sunk in.
A United Airlines flight from Eugene to Denver was diverted to Salt Lake City on Wednesday after a University of Oregon graduate student with no criminal record got into a physical fight with another passenger and lunged toward the cockpit, an FBI spokesman said. She then began yelling that "she had a baby named Jesus, she was impregnated by her uncle and President Bush was behind it all," charging papers said. She then attempted to take off her shirt and started to throw items at other passengers, the documents said.

The pilot diverted the plane to Salt Lake City International Airport. During the landing, she allegedly ran toward the cockpit and was stopped by flight attendants, with whom she got into another scuffle. She eventually was subdued by other passengers. As she was departing the plane, she allegedly tried to flee and made a bomb threat, Kiernan said.
So, now in addition to world domination and destroying the ozone apparently our president is finding time to order this girls uncle to knock her up. Just as a side note, she is described as a graduate student at 35 years old???


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