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Sunday, February 12, 2006

And we think our courts are goofy???

I have to wonder if this story is a spoof.
Female convict wins right to nicer presents

A woman prisoner has won a court case forcing her boyfriend to bring her nicer presents. A court in Focsani, Romania, ordered Nicusor Constantin, 30, to put more effort into his choice of presents for girlfriend Sicuta Radulescu.

Radulescu, 36, is serving a four year sentence for theft, local newspaper 7 Plus reported. She brought a civil suit against her boyfriend claiming his behaviour was deliberate and was adversely affecting her psychological health. Radulescu told the court: "His presents are a disappointment and make my time in jail even more unbearable. "He brings useless things like photos of himself with our friends in pubs and clubs and cookery books that he knows I can't use. "I feel like he is mocking me when he brings me these presents. I want nicer presents which will make my life in prison feel more bearable." The judge ordered Constantin to agree on a list of presents with his girlfriend, which he would bring to her when he visited her in jail.
Ridiculous! For filing the frivilous suit I hope she goes the rest of her sentence without any visitors.


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