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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Never campaign for an honor

Jim Rice is obviously unaware that you should never campaign for an honor. Jim Rice has been on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for over a decade and is unhappy with being overlooked. Rice was a feared hitter who dominated the American League in the late 70's and I've long believed he should be inducted to the HoF. The election process is Byzantine and can be frustrating. Well, in expressing his frustration, Rice has probably hurt his case for selection. Beyond just complaining about not being elected, Rice has actually gone as far as to criticize the player selected this year and other players on next years ballot.
''Sutter went in. So, I was compared to Sutter. Would you want to start a game with Sutter or Jim Rice? Is he going to finish 29 games in a row? Is Jim Rice going to play 29 games in a row? Or 162 games? So, are you going to start with Sutter or are you going to start with me? Is Sutter going to drive in 100 runs, hit 30 homers, or get 400 total bases? So, why is Sutter in and I'm not?

''Why is Ripken going in?" he asked. When the consecutive-game streak (2,632) is offered, Rice said, ''Exactly. But would you start your team with Ripken? Can Ripken bat .345?

''OK, now give me Gwynn," he continued. ''Why is he going in?" Three thousand hits (3,141 to be precise) is a good start. ''How many years did he play? [20] Would you start your team with Gwynn? Case closed. Longevity. That's all it is. Longevity.

''Is it longevity, or dominating? Gwynn didn't dominate nothing. Cal Ripken didn't dominate nothing. If you look at Bruce Sutter, Bruce Sutter ain't dominated nothing . . . If you are talking about guys that are going to the Hall of Fame, what are the criteria? Were you a dominant player? Was it longevity? It all depends on good guy/bad guy, I guess. I have no idea."
I've long thought Rice's vote totals were affected by the perception that he is a jerk. Well, in this article he confirmed that perception. Jim, you don't need to knock Gwynn or Rice to make your case. Tony Gwynn led his league in batting average 8 times. Ripken played a more difficult defensive position and finished his career with nearly 50 more homers than Rice. If you really feel the need to make your case, compare yourself to borderline Hall of Famers - not to guys who are automatic choices.


Blogger chris said...

Bill - I haven't and will not read the article because it was written by Chinless Shaughnessy. And because of who wrote the article - you should give Rice the benefit of the doubt. Shagnasty never writes anything without an agenda.

6:52 PM


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