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Monday, February 20, 2006

Does Peter King do research for his columns?

Peter King of Sports Illustrated also writes a column for Yahoo Sports. In this weeks column he talks about the upcoming football draft among other things. Among the other things was this comment:
3. I think these are my other non-football thoughts of the week:

a. Maybe the funniest thing the New York Post has done in recent times was Photoshopping Dick Cheney into the Elmer Fudd hunting costume after the accidental shooting. A close second: calling Wayne Gretzky "The Great Betsky.''

b. Jerry Maguire is a really underrated movie. Saw it the other night and kept thinking: They got this agent business pretty close.

c. What ever happened to Cuba Gooding Jr.? Could an actor do a better job in a movie than he did in Jerry Maguire? And he's fallen off the face of the earth. He should be a star, a big one.
What does he mean, "what happened to Cuba Gooding Jr.?" For a guy King thinks has fallen off the face of the earth, Gooding sure has been busy. Since filming Jerry Maguire, the one film King saw, Gooding has appeared in 19 movies including two to be released this year. The three of the movies he starred that I've seen were great and should be classics (Men of Honor, Radio and As Good as it Gets).


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