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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Denying a problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist

The mayor of Seattle seems to believe that ignoring a problem is the best approach:
Despite seven violent deaths last weekend, the mayor and other city leaders have a reassuring message for the youths who love the all-night music and dancing of the "rave" party scene: Rave on.

The mayor is partially correct when he say that the music isn't to blame. To paraphrase the NRA, music doesn't kill people, people kill people. Having said that the rave scene is obviously a contributing factor. Or more accurately the effects on the brain of ecstacy (the drug of choice for raves) is certainly a major contributing factor.

Sorry Mayor Nickels, but when you took on the position of mayor you were also taking on the role of adult. Adults need to discourage behaviors which harm children.


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