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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Other stuff for a Tuesday

Less than two inches of snow and they cancelled school. Boo! If it isn't enough for sledding then the kids should be in school.

John Miller of National Review Online sizes up this November's U.S. Senate races. I agree with most of his assessment. However, I'm not optimistic enough to consider New Jersey a toss up. Unless something radical happens between now and November, I don't think the Senate breakdown will change more than one vote either way.

As Hillary Clinton attempts to hold onto the political center, she may be losing the nuts on the left. Susan Sarandon is quoted in this article criticizing Clinton for centrist leanings. Doesn't matter. Clinton knows she needs to appeal to more than the extremists like Sarandon. When it comes to the general election she knows the nuts aren't going to vote for a Republican anyway.

Rich Lowry explains the Democrat strategy of using "Murtha Democrats."
For most of the three years of the Iraq war, the Democrats have been trying to beat something with nothing. Lately, they have been reduced to a fate even worse: trying to beat something with Murtha. John Murtha is the longtime Pennsylvania congressman and former Marine who fits the Democratic party’s preferred political formula on the war. That formula is to say inane or incoherent things, but have a veteran say them on the theory that, then, no one will notice their inanity or incoherence.
Read the rest.

Seems like at least once a week I see an article quoting someone who went to Iraq (either a returning soldier or a touring politician) who declares things are not as bad as the news would lead you to believe. Here is today's.

Job security for Secretary Rumsfeld. Everytime some lunatic calls for Rumsfeld to resign or for the president to fire him I think it makes it far less likely for him to go.


Anonymous realtybasedbob said...

First…here is a lunatic (your description)

Second… here is what he wrote

4:59 AM

Anonymous realiytbasebob said...

sorry about the links

5:00 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

It wasn't the general whom I was referring to in my post. However, since you brought him up . . .

I don't know Gen. Eaton or his motivations. However, throughout the military there has been some animosity towards Rumsfeld from those opposed to changes he was pushing. This animosity pre-dates the Iraq invasion. A lot of folks in the military get comfortable and don't want to see more change from civilian leadership which is going away in a couple years. The nature of military discipline is whether you're a private or a general you wait until you're out to criticize the boss. Also nearly every guy who retires as a one, two or three star general believe the Army screwed up by not promoting them further. The general may have the purest of motives but I don't accept anything at face value.

5:42 AM


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