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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Al Sharpton is right

The end of the world may be coming sooner than we think. No, I'm not going "Pat Robertson" on you all and claiming to have insider information. It is just that yesterday I acknowledged that Jimmy Carter was right about something and now today I'll go a step further and say Al Sharpton is right. If Carter being right about something doesn't fulfill a Biblical prophesy than him and Sharpton both being right within a matter of days would have to portend the end of days. Anyways, back to Sharpton, "what's he right about?" you ask. This:
Alabama Democrats should get rid of a candidate for state attorney general who denies the Holocaust and a gubernatorial hopeful who has publicly advocated killing illegal immigrants, former presidential candidate Al Sharpton said Monday.

While state party officials say they are powerless to remove either candidate from the ballot because the June 6 primary is so close, Sharpton said "there's no room for these two men in our big tent."
One of my sharpest criticisms of the Democrat party is their apparent inability to disavow the worst of their members. Both parties can end up with real screwballs claiming membership, but what has really hurt the Democrat party is a refusal to condemn their own when necessary. For once, I applaud Sharpton.


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