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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday's links and comments

Bill Bennett has a new book out, America: The Last Best Hope. Townhall has an excerpt from the book today. Jefferson's Crisis - which looks at how the Jefferson administration dealt with the crisis of the Barbary pirates.

Some punchlines just write themselves. For example: Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle will gauge potential support for a 2008 presidential bid with stops in Iowa, New Hampshire and Michigan next month. Does anyone outside his immediate family think he is presidential material?

Confederate Yankee has a detailed post about Rep. Murtha's (M-PA) recent accusation that U.S. Marines in Iraq had “killed innocent civilians in cold blood.” No sense in waiting for the investigation to be completed.

Why did Sen. Rick Santorum help Sen. Arlen Specter defeat a strong conservative primary challenger in 2004? Here's your answer: Specter to repay Santorum


Blogger Ben said...

daschle as president? now there's a laugh.

10:27 PM


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