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Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday's news and links

President Bush is going to address the nation tonight regarding the out of control illegal immigration problem. Fortunately for the president there is no shortage of people willing to give him advice on what to say. Unfortunately, I expect he will not follow the best advice.

Speaking of the best advice, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) had an op-ed this weekend which clearly addresses what needs to be done.
In his Monday speech, the President needs to make a clear break from previous speeches on the topic and come home to Republican Party principles. He needs to stop pandering to perceived voting blocs and employer lobbies and speak to the one thing all Americans agree upon: No immigration policy is workable without secure borders.
Read the rest.

David Frum has a less than positive opinion of the "plan" President Bush is expected to announce.
This plan won't work, and it is not seriously meant to work. It's supposed to look dramatic and buy the president some respite from negative polls - and then it is supposed to fail, strengthening the administration's case for its truly preferred approach: amnesty + guestworkers.

I hope the president doesn't repeat some stupid things he has said in the past on this subject. Worst thing he and others have said is "jobs Americans won't do." There are no jobs Americans will not do. We won't perform those jobs at the wages that crooks are paying illegal workers. Also, don't insult our intelligence by saying something like "we can't round up 12 million people." Mr. President we aren't asking you to arrest 12 million at once. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. We are asking you to stop talking about amnesty or fast tracks to citizenship as that only encourages more crooks to break our laws.

Here is a story about one of the folks here illegally.
A teenage in the United States illegally is now charged with murdering a Nashville woman and her daughter.

Howard Kurtz has an in depth (5 page!) look at Tony Snow as he settles in to his new job. He sounds like he would be a hard guy not to like.

Why don't intelligent people trust Democrats on national defense? Because their positions and actions in the decades after the Vietnam War convinced people like Jeane Kirkpatrick that they no longer belonged in that party. Here is an article where Kirkpatrick discusses why she left the Democrat party. Now that party has nobody like her or Scoop Jackson left. Closest you can find would be Joe Lieberman who has been vilified for having the audacity to be on our side in the war on terror.

Woman Kidnapped As Toddler in '76 Found This woman must be in shock. For 30 years she has been led to believe her mother had died in a car accident and now she finds out her mom has been looking for her.


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