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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday's notes & links

Here are a few links for a Wednesday:

The Hill has a look at Majority Leader John Boehner after 100 days in the job.

Want to worry about the future? Read The Caliphate: One nation, under Allah, with 1.5 billion Muslims from The Christian Science Monitor. We may not realize we are facing a world wide struggle with Islamic fascism, but we are.

If you'd rather laugh about the future of the Democratic party, then read this. Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post opines about the political scene and claims the Republicans have a bankruptcy of ideas. This one snippet sums up how clueless this guy is:
Karl Rove and his minions have plumb run out of issues to campaign on. They can't run on the war. They can't run on the economy, where the positive numbers on growth are offset by the largely stagnant numbers on median incomes and the public's growing dread of outsourcing.
The economy is roaring and the Dems and their media accomplices are scared to death that the word will get out.

John Conyers: U.S. Owes Slavery Reparations Remember it's nuts like Conyers that'll be running congress if Democrats get a majority in November.

If you want to know what Conyers has planned if he becomes chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, just read this.


Blogger Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Slavery Reparations? How do you collect from dead men?

8:40 PM


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