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Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday's news and links

A few stories for your reading pleasure:

Circling the White House by Charlie Cook is a round up of all the known contenders for the Republican and Democrat nominations for the 2008 presidential election. Cook is about right on most of his analysis, though I think he is too quick to dismiss Sam Brownback by lumping him in with Alan Keyes and Pat Robertson as purely a moral values candidate.

I thought I'd read that the last Titanic survivor had died a few years ago, but here is a story of another survivor dying which says there are two left. Sad story.
Lillian Asplund never married and worked at secretarial jobs in the Worcester area most of her life. She retired early to care for her mother, who was described as having never gotten over the tragedy.

Mike Adams in addition to writing a regular column for is a professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. As a professor he has heard some incredibly stupid things stated as if they were facts. Today he has a collection of "blame whitey" stories from over the years. These quotes would be funny if it wasn't for how sad it is that some people are dumb enough to believe them. Here's a couple go to the link to read the rest.
7. “The Reagan administration hired Jewish doctors to develop the AIDS virus to destroy Africa.” (college professor).

6. “The Mona Lisa was painted by an African artist and stolen from a museum in Ethiopia. Most of the great works of art are African in origin and stolen by white people. This is done to promote the myth of white cultural superiority.” (graduate student).

What do you do if you've had a few drinks and need to go to the store but you're worried because you've already gotten two DUI's in the last six months? Take the riding lawnmower.
VERMILION, Ohio - Police have arrested a man accused of operating a lawnmower while drunk. Dondi Bowles, 50, of Vermilion, was arrested about 9:45 p.m. Friday as he drove the mower on a sidewalk. Police said he had used the mower to drive to a store about a mile from his home and was arrested on his way back.

Bush turns to Gen. Hayden to lead CIA I hope Hayden has thick skin because he isn't going to get any compliments for a while. In that job your successes are hidden and your failures are front page.

General Hayden is not the only Air Force guy in the news. Airman 1st Class Oliveras caught the ball Barry Bonds hit for home run 713. He asked for Bonds' autograph and was turned down, but Bonds got his autograph.
There was one signature needed though. Oliveras had to sign a waiver for Bonds' reality show.


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