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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday's notes & links

The Washington Times gives us The real Jack Murtha. To give Murtha credibility, the media frequently refers to him as a defense hawk. This article reminds he is really only a hawk when it comes to spending money on defense items procured from companies lobbied for by friends and family.

With the Republicans holding a five seat majority in the Senate Dick Morris has a column titled: Tenn. may give Dems sixth senator they need. I think Morris is misreading the tea leaves on a few of the races he has leaning Democratic pick up. His mistake is in trusting polls this early in the game. People may be unhappy with the incumbent but that doesn't necessarily translate into support for a challenger. For example, in Ohio many of us are dissatisfied with Sen. Mike DeWine. However, that dissatisfaction stems from the liberal positions he has taken on some issues which means he will still be more acceptable than an extreme liberal like his challenger. Beyond that, I expect Ford will find that winning a statewide election is much more difficult than a gerrymandered congressional district.

Here is a restaurant I will never eat at: Fla. restaurant sells $100 hamburger. What sort of idiot pays that much for a burger?

E.D. Hill is outraged and wants to know why our politicians who fret about conditions at GITMO aren't as outraged as she is about our soldiers being brutally killed and mutilated.

(h/t Curmudeonly & Skeptical)


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