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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday's links and comments

From the Wall Street Journal we get 'A White Individual' How the Voting Rights Act promotes racial polarization.

Dennis Prager answers the question "Why liberals fear global warming far more than conservatives do?" Read the whole thing, but the last paragraph is the best.

Here is today's stupid lawsuit:
A 14-year-old girl who says she was sexually assaulted by another user of sued the social networking Web site Monday, claiming it does not take sufficient steps to protect underage members. The girl says a 19-year-old man lied in his profile about being a senior on a football team to gain her trust and phone number.
It is sad that she was assaulted. But the responsibility for her meeting the creep is shared by her and her parents much more than some website. Guess what folks? Don't expect some website to raise your kid and don't expect the website to teach your kid not to take stupid risks. Maybe her parents could also take a moment out of their busy day and let her know that guys will lie.

I meant to link to this a week ago and forgot, but it is still worth sharing. Baseball Crank did a table called A Little Demographics which looks at birth rates of countries with at least 20 million people. He compared the population data to the size of the country and made some interesting observations. Here is one, click the link for the rest:
2. The eye-popping figures for Bangladesh really stick out - there's no country on earth close to Bangladesh's overpopulation problem. Bangladesh squeezes half the population of the United States into a land mass smaller than Iowa.

Here is the latest case of a judge who needs to be thrown off the bench.
Judge Dismisses Child Rape Case After Attorney Late For Court
'Don't Treat Me Like A Punk,' Judge Says
I'm all for punctuality and believe respect for our court system demands being there on time. That doen't mean you reward the defendant with a dismissal out of spite. She could have found the prosecutor in contempt and thrown him in jail for a day. Instead she showed more disrespect to our judicial system than the tardy prosecutor.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, Once again the judicial system fails. I bet the young lady who was raped was thrilled with the outcome.

1:37 AM


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