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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Don't trade drunk

I know the more popular saying is "Don't Drink and Drive," but after seeing what the Reds did today I have to think there should be a campaign against general managers making deals while drunk. Today the Reds traded Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez for a couple guys to pitch middle relief. Yeah, there were other players involved in the trade, but they were mainly included to distract people (including Wayne Krivsky) about how bad a deal this was for the Reds. Kearns is not a superstar and no player is truly untouchable, but two quality starting players should have garnered much more in return.


Blogger Ben said...

I think the Reds and Tigers are headed for the same 2nd half fate - a major slide. The Tigers have won so many they could get the WC, but I dont see the playoffs for the Reds in 06.

9:37 PM


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