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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Job opening soon - New Sports Editor needed for Cleveland Plain Dealer

I understand it can be difficult to fact check every aspect of every story your newspaper runs, but the Cleveland Plain Dealer ought to be able to do better than they did in this article.
"We despised the pinstripe," Rosen said. "Going down to the wire in September, it was always the Yankees and Cleveland."

Rosen was an almost-Triple Crown winner during a decade full of almosts for the Indians. In Rosen's 10-year career from 1947 to 1956, the Indians finished second to the Yankees five times and behind the Yankees eight times. The Indians finished in front of the Yankees in 1948, when they lost the World Series to the Boston Braves, and 1954, when they lost the World Series to the New York Giants.
Excuse me, but the Indians won the World Series in 1948. I hope it isn't asking too much to expect the Plain Dealer's sports writers to keep track of all of the Indians championships (1920 and 1948). If this was an article about the Yankees who have won 26 World Series titles I could understand forgetting whether they won or lost in 1926 (if you care they lost as Babe Ruth was caught attempting to steal second base to end the seventh game).


Blogger Ben said...

maybe roger brown was editor for the day.

10:38 PM


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