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Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday's news and links

Sorry about the light blogging. We had a household of guests this weekend ranging from 88 years old to five years old. So, complaining about politicians took a back seat to family.

Continuing Friday's note about misbehaving mayors, we have the cokehead mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Of course, no mention in the article of Fabrizi's political affiliation (Dem).
John Fabrizi thinks he deserves a big pat on the back for having belatedly confessed that he's been a substance abuser during his three-year tenure as mayor.

What has this guy been smoking?

Er, never mind - we already know the answer.

NY lawmaker seeks criminal probe of NY Times. About time! However, it is not enough. As long as the government turns a blind eye towards the leaks, it emboldens others to curry favor with the media by leaking classified information. If a leaker is seen swinging by his or her neck there may not be a next one. As far as that newspaper goes I'd urge all decent Americans not to buy the rag. I doubt it would change their behavior as not many decent Americans buy it now.

I'm very luke warm to the idea of Mitt Romney being the Republican nominee for president. However, after nearly six years of no veto's and excessive spending, this headline may make me give him a second glance:
Romney vetoes $225m in spending

Going further around the bend, Murtha says U.S. poses top threat to world peace. When people go to the polls in November let this goof be the face of the Democrat party.

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal looks at Murtha and makes this assessment.
Worst of All Worlds
He's "a male Cindy Sheehan" and "a one-man wrecking crew" on ethics. Is Murtha the man to lead the Democrats?

Ben Stein is one of the more brilliant pundits out there and he is usually correct (except when he disagrees with me). Today he has a column titled "Why I Am a Republican." Worth reading even if it is a little rambling.

Governor Corzine in New Jersey gives us some insight into why Dems often don't work out when in the executive branch. They forget who they work for.
Did Jon Corzine have a Howard Dean moment? Impressed by the 6,000 or so union members noisily rallying before him, the governor said, "We're gonna fight for a fair contract." We? If he's on labor's side of the table during negotiations, who represents their employer, the taxpayers of New Jersey?


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, The practice of sneaking spending for pet projects into necessary bills especially in a time of war is a big reason why Bush hasn't vetoed any legislation. We really need to insist on a line item veto to combat this wasteful practice.

3:17 PM


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